Annis O’Sullivan Vollebekk Ontario Land Surveyors and Beyond

Annis O’Sullivan Vollebekk Ltd. (AOV) is a privately-owned, independent, multi-disciplined firm based in Ottawa, Ontario. Founded in 1964, with offices in the Ottawa region, including Embrun and Kemptville. AOV is a professional land surveying firm offering clientele a wide range of services in topographic, hydrographic, cadastral, geodetic LiDAR, Photogrammetric and engineering surveys. AOV also provides a full range of land development consulting services, including severances, subdivision, and condominiums.

Our Values

At AOV, we are committed to building strong lasting relationships with clients, employees, partners, and community. We strive to be a leader in our field by embracing the basic principles of respect, reliability, loyalty and accountability. The company philosophy has always been “do what we do and do it well…the rest will take care of itself.”

Our roots are in Ottawa, we have a passion for our community and are highly involved in charitable giving, sponsorship, and participating in doing our part to make a difference for others. We are proud to support the following programs and initiatives:

Eastern Ontario Offices to Serve You

The professional and licensed Ontario Land Surveyors of Annis O’Sullivan Vollebekk Ltd. utilize state-of-the-art technology combined with experienced staff to provide cost-effective solutions for the economic development of all land-related activities. For your convenience, we have offices in Nepean, Embrun and Kemptville. Consultations about the services we provide, include:

Professional Affiliations

Association of Ontario Land Surveyors

A History of Precision Surveying in Eastern Ontario

1964 – What started with two young men and a dog has quickly become one of the largest and most reputable land surveying firms in Ontario, Canada. We have an experienced dedicated team, with over 150 people, we continue to grow, yet have stayed true to our roots!  We are a client and family focused company, having tremendous respect and value for our people.   Our indomitable spirit lives on, continuing to grow through dedication, passion, teamwork, and a love for challenges.

As with most small companies, change was inevitable. Through dedication, hard work and perseverance, our founders quickly developed business relationships that would stand the test of time. Many of our original clients are still with us today. What started with two young men and a dog has become one of the largest land surveying firms in Ontario maintaining our values of respect, reliability, loyalty and accountability. Their indomitable spirit lives on in the business they started.

Edward H. Herweyer, O.L.S.

Ed Herweyer has been a Partner at Annis, O’Sullivan, Vollebekk Ltd. since 1989, holding the position of Secretary-Treasurer.  Ed plays a critical role for the adaptation and development of expertise in new technology with oversight on office and field priorities. With an outstanding forty-one (41) years of expertise in all surveying portfolios and land development phases, Ed successfully works with municipal and governmental agencies, large utility companies, as well as land developers, contractors, lawyers, and the general public. This expertise and experience includes, but is not limited to the City of Ottawa Light Rail Transit program, legal and geographical information data surveys for Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation, legal and topographical surveys for Canada Lands Company, and development construction surveys for numerous Ottawa builders and developers. Ed actively supports and uses the end products of AOV’s terrestrial scanning, drone acquisition of LiDAR/photogrammetric data and robotic field survey platforms.  Ed has a love for our community and has been highly involved in charitable giving – a true passion for giving back.

Have a great ride; a cause like this deserves equally great weather, my fingers are crossed!” Ed Herweyer

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V. Andrew Shelp, O.L.S.

Andy Shelp, President, has had an extraordinary career at Annis O’Sullivan Vollebekk Ltd. In 1986, Andy joined our team as an Instrument Person, later becoming an Ontario Land Surveyor and is a successful Partner of the organization since 1999.  With thirty-three (33) years of experience in the industry, Andy has managed a large variety of projects with a primary focus on Condominiums, all forms of Legal Surveys, and our People.  Company culture is a key priority, we are a family, working with the Partners at Annis O’Sullivan Vollebekk Ltd. and not for – this is our success. Andy has a true devotion to the land surveying industry not just provincially, but across the globe.  From managing a firm in Bermuda to President of the Ontario Land Surveyors Association 2022, Andy highly promotes the excellence of the industry – our world mapped.

“People and precision are at the forefront” Andy Shelp

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Dan Vollebekk, O.L.S.

With his 40 years of experience, Dan brings vast knowledge to the firm. He manages the Embrun office of AOV and is responsible for all surveys from Ottawa’s eastern extremity, east to the Quebec border and south to the St. Lawrence River. He has successfully worked with municipalities, federal and provincial governmental agencies, large utility companies, as well as land developers, contractors, lawyers and the general public.

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Travis Hartwick, O.L.S.

Travis Hartwick became a Partner at Annis O’Sullivan Vollebekk Ltd. in 2019.  As Vice President, Travis has thirty (30) years of expertise in the industry with a primary focus in Land Development Severances, Business Development as well as Occupational Health and Safety. In 2015, Travis held the role as President of the Ontario Land Surveyors Association, working to make an impact in the industry, and was a recipient of the David Thompson National Geomatics Award.  As one of the oldest professions in the world, Travis stays true to the roots of land surveying and has an incredible aspiration for growth. Travis works with some of the largest developers in the housing and commercial industries in all of Eastern Ontario.

“All triangles point us in the right direction” Travis Hartwick

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